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2011 Plague Column, installation in the public space (Mariahilfer Strasse), KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Vienna, Austria,
2011 LOOK That which should be abolished continues, and we continue to wear away with it (an annotated quatation from Guy Debord),
text installation on the buildings in Warsaw (Kordegarda gallery and National Culture Centre)
2011 Style and Being, installation, painting, Biala Gallery, Lublin
2010 Negative Abstraction, installation, Delikatesy gallery, Krakow
2008 Once in a While, text installation, Biala Gallery, Lublin
2008 Nice and Kind, painting, Ego Gallery, Poznan
2007 Aggressively obedient, text installation, painting, Czarna Gallery, Warsaw
2007 Drastic and Incurable, painting, Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow
2006 Give everything, painting, text installation, The Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
2006 Manufacturer of forms, photography, Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw
2006 Give me everything, painting, Starmach Gallery, Krakow
2006 Force fatale painting, installation, Centre for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw
2005 Attracts and Repels, Atlas Sztuki Gallery, Lodz
2004 Wrapping up painting, installation, Kronika Gallery, Bytom
2003 Nothing inside! painting, installation, photography, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow
2003 Numbers installation, Galeria Narod Sobie, Poznan
2002 Accidents of memory (with Joan Grossman) installation, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw
2002 Revision and consolidation painting, Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow
2001 38 executions, Kolo gallery, Gdansk
2001 Bloody installation, Foksal gallery, Warsaw
2000 Dis/joint (with Roger Perkins) painting, Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow
1999 No threats no requests photography, City Gallery, Przemysl
1999 Empty into Emptiness (with Michael Wittassek) painting, Otwarta Pracownia, Kraków
1999 Pliability of materials, photography, 3D objects, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw
1999 Health warning, billboard, Galeria Otwarta, Cracow
1998 Persuasion Domestication Instruction, billboard, Poznan and other cities
1998 Form calls for use painting, Foksal gallery, Warsaw
1997 Nonsense bothers photography, 3D objects, Centre for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw
1997 The old feeling is back painting, Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow
1996 Fine Form photography, Otwarta Pracownia, Cracowl